Writing-Jobs.net review

Writing-Jobs.net review


Writing-Jobs.net review: It is a Clickbank product that has all sorts of claims of being able to make

money with writing. What is it really? There are three main parts: 1. Writing jobs. These are writing jobs, updated daily, that are collected from various job boards all across the internet. Some are copied and pasted, some are linked to. What are you paying for? The ease of not having to search through dozens of sites and having everything in one place. 2: Ebooks. There are a few ebooks on writing that you can download, that teach you how to set up a successful writin business. There are also tips and tools and resources. 3: Video training, also on freelance writing. Writing-Jobs.net costs $1 for your first seven days, and $27 each month after that. You can cancel at any time.

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