How to make Extra Money from Home While having a full time job

surveys to earn money

Extra Money from Home

What I wanted, was to simply make a little extra money from home.

Now everyone’s version of a “little extra money” is going to be different. But mine was simple.

  • I decided that if I could figure out a way to make and extra $20 a day with little effort…
  • Then I could keep my same schedule at work…
  • And that would bring in an extra $600 a month…
  • Which would pay our cell phone, cable, internet, utilities, and car insurance.

That would relieve a lot of pressure.

So I tried all those things that most people suggest.

I applied to fill out surveys. And with all due respect to those that suggest this option…it was worthless.

So then I started to try marketing a Clickbank offer. Any  I even go pretty creative with it. Since I didn’t have a website (I didn’t even know how to build one yet) I decided to use Craigslist. I set up a posting in the gigs section offering the opportunity to do something like “get paid writing gigs” and had a Gmail address as the contact email. I then set the vacation auto-responder to essentially be sales copy that promoted a Clickbank offer that taught people how to get paid writing gigs. At the end I placed my affiliate link.

And you know what…it worked.

Now it wasn’t something I felt great about doing…morally that is. And it was such a pain in the butt, and I got so many email addresses banned that I was probably making something like $4 an hour when it was all said and done. But it taught me a lot. And I learned two very valuable lessons.

  1. In order to see the type of financial gains I was looking for I had to automate a system. I couldn’t keep trading my time for money and expect to get ahead some day.
  2. If you want to make extra money from home, you have to match the offer to the right potential customer.

So I googled a lot of things. And ultimately the thing I found that seemed to make the most sense was Affiliate Marketing and Niche Blogging.

Now if you start your internet searches here and continue to learn and expand, you will discover everything you need to know…eventually.

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Extra Money from Home

This does take time. But blogging is the most affordable and easiest way for average people without a bunch of experience and start up capital to make extra income from home, in their spare time.

  1. Pick a subject your knowledgeable about and enjoy (It can literally be anything.)
  2. Buy a domain name and cheap shared hosting from a company like Bluehost or HostGator (It’s cheap, just a few bucks a month)
  3. Load and learn WordPress (It’s really not that hard. Frustrating at first sure, but not hard.)
  4. Start writing posts about the topic you chose.
  5. Stick to the topic you chose or start another blog.
  6. Find some products that are sold on Amazon and related to your topic.
  7. Join the Amazon Associates program.
  8. Recommend these products to your readers and you’ll earn 4–10% of everything they buy from Amazon in the next 24 hours.
  9. surveys to earn money
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