How I dominate with Instagram🙌

Dominate with Instagram

Ok so lets get to the meat and potatoes.
I did i figure out how can dominate with instagram.
Well first let me start  with a few instagram tips that will aid in you dominating instagram,
Oh! and by dominate i mean you will start getting real followers on autopilot and you will also be getting paid. 
Il explain more in a bit.. 
6 Instagram tips that will help you dominate instagram now!!
dominate with Instagram
Step 1 - find a niche
step 2 use your niche in your username.
step 3-get the "buffer app" its free. The buffer app allows you to post automatically post without you having to do anything.
Step 4 -Answer comments on your account and comment on their posts.
Step 5 -Put your affiliate link in your bio on instagram.This is Imoortant because thats how your going to be paid.
Step 6 to dominate instagram if you want to skip all this and just pay for a cheap software that gets followers for you and gets cash for you on auto pilot then    
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